Jul 02, 2007
Sydney, Australia; My Departure Lounge, a company that provides a ‘departure lounge’ for Accountants looking to expand their career options has launched.

Founded by 33 year old Tammy Frame, a former director at Deloitte and for the past three (3) years, in executive search for a specialist boutique recruitment firm, the company aims to provide Accountants with opportunities for career expansion.

My Departure Lounge is a new concept that will be candidate-driven rather than client-driven, like many recruitment firms.

"We aim to provide candidates with understanding and counsel from not just recruiters, but people who have been in their shoes before as Accountants," confirmed Tammy Frame, Director, My Departure Lounge.

"All too often, the people recruiting for Accounting positions lack enough industry insight to understand what both the candidates are going through and what the actual position requires."

"A brief on a job is just not good enough if you want to find the right fit for both the candidate and the client."

For more information, please contact Julie Schoneveld, Marketing Manager, 0403211095.