Nov 05, 2007
Sydney, Australia; My Departure Lounge, an executive search and recruitment firm, that specialises in Accounting and Finance, has today announced its decision to launch in South Africa.

With a heightened demand for experienced Chartered Accountants in Australia being impacted by the industry shortage, My Departure Lounge will open its office in Johannesburg next week, and will be actively seeking Chartered Accountants wishing to expand their careers in Australia.

"Given the international experience that My Departure Lounge has, particularly in the South African market, we believe that launching in Johannesburg, will provide our clients with access to a larger, upwardly mobile talent pool, "confirmed Greg Haskins, Director, My Departure Lounge.

"This is the first launch internationally for My Departure Lounge and is exciting given the prospects and client base that we have already established" added Tammy Frame, Director of My Departure Lounge.

"My Departure Lounge's approach to our South African candidates will be to provide them with the best possible career advice before making the move to Australia."

For more information, please contact Julie Schoneveld, Marketing Manager, 0403211095