Dec 09, 2015
Sydney, Australia; My Departure Lounge is an international executive search and recruitment firm that specialises in assisting Big 4 and Top 2nd tier firm professionals in obtaining the best career opportunities in the market. The company announces upcoming intention to launch an international mentoring group.

“It’s a natural fit for us”, says Director and Founder, Tammy Frame. “We are known for representing and indentify the top talent from within Big 4 and Top 2nd tier accounting firms. We are also very passionate about providing the best opportunities to these people, so as they fulfil their true career potential. Additionally, most Chartered Accountant’s (CAs) and professionals sitting within the Big 4 and Top 2nd tier, realise that regardless if their goal is to make it to the top of Big 4/2nd tier management or into the top levels within commerce, an international opportunity sometime in their career, is required to truly help them to ensure, they are as good as they can be. The trick is to pick which one and when of course”. This is what My Departure Lounge has done for candidates for over the past 10+ years.

“By providing our selected talent (past and future placed candidates) with insights and leadership theory, from across the world, we will be providing another step in helping our people be the best they can be. I also believe it will also be particularly well received, by our CA(SA)’s and Big 4 professional talent from South Africa, to whom  we have a strong specialisation in helping”.

“We are very excited about the program, that is simple for current professionals with practical and yet often thought provoking insights. Big 4 and Top 2nd tier professional services firms, and top companies in commerce and investment banking, already have robust mentoring systems (well from what I see from our clients they do), and we don’t want to replicate this, but rather add to it, though simple, practical, “exercisable” insights – from across the globe, firms, leaders, specifically tailored to helping CA’s and professionals maximise their potential and be the best they can be, to think in the top 1%.”

“I don’t envisage we will start the program until the later half of the year. Also, we are thinking that we will use the natural linked in social media platform to do so. But it will be on an invitational basis only, with articles and information selected personally – depending on what would be deemed most valuable their personal and maximum development. If professionals or CA’s from Big 4 or Top 2nd tier are interested in being selected or privy to this program, I would encourage them to connect with us on LinkedIn”.

For further information on this program please contact us.