Are you a CFO who's looking to build a talented team of finance professionals?  Or perhaps you're a Partner who is keen to grow your talent pipeline for the partnership. It makes sense to use Chartered Accountants and Big 4 Professionals to source this talent because after all, we understand your needs and we know talent when we see it!

The International and Australian labour force continues to shrink in the face of economic growth.  In response to this and their success, the team at My Departure Lounge widened their search activity to include multiple South African talent pools.  Through a series of international campaigns, we continue to inject new and exciting talent into the International and Australian economy, helping to support sustainable growth objectives for our clients.

Our team of visa professionals will take care of all the paperwork on your behalf, providing a truly unique end to end solution.

To see how your business could benefit, contact us now for a 30 minute briefing and secure your talent.